The time has come!

Over this past holiday weekend, I realized that I only have 9 more days (8 now!) left on the term before I am heading back home 😮 This term has been immensely more successful in terms of my teaching and the positivity of the teachers around me. I have actually been able to teach full days with my cooperating teacher out of the room, or even not at school at all! There was a day when she had a substitute and I was completely on my own for management and organizing the day. I was nervous, but she gave me her confidence and the students did not turn the classroom upside down – heck, they almost tied with me in the point system I use! There are always certain parts of some days where the students are chattier and we have to stop more often to wait; however, I would not at all consider this term a failure. I have learned that I still love teaching elementary, and have grown confidence in myself as a teacher and with building relationships with my students. The same students that move my cooperating teacher through the roof have pushed my buttons as well, but by taking some of their rewards away, they were aware that I was in charge.


Tomorrow is my last time for teaching all day..this is bittersweet – on one hand, I am exhausted and ready for a break, BUT I love the students and have really gotten into the rhythm of how to teach the third grade class. I have applied to many jobs and submitted my EdTPA for approval – now I am just waiting to hear! I really want to have an actual job in January, and a passing mark for my license is a must 🙂 I plan to give many people Thank You notes and/or flowers for all of their help this term with financial issues, registering issues, and general help along my journey! I know I still have 8 days until I actually leave, but I am already feeling the ache in my heart for the kids and the experience. I will also miss my current roommate and her cat very much – we plan to see each other often though!



Relating to my real life (27 out of 365) #blogaday

At my placement today, I really saw the connection between my master’s courses and part-time teaching! I was debriefing with my CT about the math lesson I taught and prepping for the one I teach tomorrow when she brought up the importance of positive comments rather than negative ones in regards to behavior. I instantly thought, “Haven’t I heard that before?” In my motivation and management class last night, we had a mini-presentation on this topic and the various ways to correct behavior. With children, you want to re-direct their attention, but not in a condescending way. Saying, “I like how Sarah grabbed her book quietly,” gives students a hint while praising the child for doing the right thing. There are many ideas about doing this to make other students follow suit – it is building awareness of the fact that they probably didn’t get their book in silence, but it isn’t pin-pointing who they are. During our conversation, my CT also brought up WAIT TIME because I was worried that I wasn’t engaging the students since no one responded to my question. She explained that you should wait 20 seconds before calling on someone. We discussed this in my course about English Language Learners tonight. It takes young children time to process what you just said to them. The information doesn’t always come to the surface right away and if teachers just call on the few who already know it, the students who struggle won’t learn it on their own. content-placement relate post2I knew that my courses were meant to help me with my field placement experience, but actually seeing the same concepts in action and being discussed made it click 🙂 I’m excited that I remembered about wait time and positive behaviors as well. They throw a lot of content at us and it’s great that things are connecting. Hopefully, more events like this will occur! content-placement relate post