Turtle time (272 out of 365) #blogaday

These look quite fun, and will be great for rewarding the students! I will probably do stickers instead of hole punching because it is quicker – it could also be altered as a whole class chart. My coteacher and I were discussing starting something like that during nap time to try and keep children on their mats for sleeping. Since we only have 3 Super Friend hats, I would need to think of another reward for filling a certain amount of the individual cards, but the whole class chart would be getting up a bit early (if children were not asleep) to do a quiet table activity. I can really see these doing wonders, and I might start them tomorrow or the sticker charts that I created previously for some of the students. TurtleorPetthemepunchcards


Reasons for responsibility (262 out of 365) #blogaday


The first parts seem quite complicated for Pre-K, but I think it could benefit us to have a more in-depth breakdown about responsibilities and respect. We could make the scenarios more basic and have a few children become involved in the acting portions – there are probably books about respect as well. We will see how they behave this week; it somewhat depends from week to week! It will help the students feel more like a community and really understand that my coteacher and I are in charge.