Bins for being quiet (244 out of 365) #blogaday


Having a quiet activity for children to do is great during stormy weather, after naptime, or just when things are starting to get rowdy. These ideas are very inventive, especially the one about making fall trees! The children really are learning during these centers.


Studying with sticks! (224 out of 365) #blogaday


This game would be wonderful for our centers because it is so versatile! The popsicle sticks can have any topic on them for practice or teaching (letter sounds, numbers, science, food categories, etc). It will bring more fun to the activities and learning that the students will do.

I wrote two posts today because I had a long night yesterday with my coworkers doing a game night 🙂

Currently categorizing centers (213 out of 365) #blogaday

While sorting through the books in my supply closet, I found this one book about learning centers called “120 learning center activities.” It is from Scholastic and focuses on science – I have started looking through it for the first couple units on Food and All About Me. I discovered one about seeing how your teeth work with different foods that I would love to run by my co-teacher and see what supplies I might need! Books like these are very handy to help you come up with ideas when you are starting out because you might not have creative ideas at the beginning of your career. I look forward to taking a look at it every couple weeks for learning center choices 🙂


Cracking into the curriculum! (209 out of 365) #blogaday

Today in training, I really dug into the program that I will be using called Early Foundations. It has a great breakdown of the activities and learning centers that we should focus on. There is a very beneficial summary of the tasks at the beginning of the teacher’s guides – it was thick with details and I took copious notes, so I could get the gist and ask my boss any questions I had. It is exciting being able to think ahead and start the juices going with “enhancement activities” I would like to incorporate! Those are lessons, centers, or games that are not included in the given curriculum [which I plan to use to their fullest potentials 🙂 ] I can’t believe training is officially over tomorrow, and I will be co-teaching with my mentor teacher on Friday! I have learned more information and gained confidence in these past two days than you could imagine.