Filled with fantasy (348 out of 365) #blogaday

I still find myself excited about Christmas to the point of being restless when I try to go to sleep -It is fun to keep some of the childish joy for the holidays 🙂 I can’t believe how fast it blurs by though because it is already the Eve before Christmas Eve and the last day of work before my break!


Holidays now? How? (320 out of 365) #blogaday

Wow, I cannot believe it is already the day before Thanksgiving! I wrote my very first post around this time about the true meaning of the holiday and how to teach it in schools – I only have 45 more days until January 8 when I started the #blogaday 😮 This year is going by so fast and I am thrilled that I got to annotate it through my blog. The holidays will feel a bit different this year though because I don’t really get a break due to my job (just the actual holidays and sometimes, a few days after). I’ll have to get in the spirit through the children at work and on the weekends with family and friends when the festivities get going 🙂


Springing back from break (81 out of 365) #blogaday #sol15

SOL day 30 slice of life logo

It can be difficult start back up again once you are done with the wonders of a break from school or work. Motivation is a powerful factor and excitement usually doesn’t come for a few days – but I know everything will snap into place once I am in the classroom tomorrow morning meeting more of the Kindergarteners, and starting to see how my new CT teaches the students. I will probably be observing mostly tomorrow and then start taking over certain aspects of the day. I don’t have evening classes this term (or any classes at all!), which will help with the workload to come. We have three license tasks to complete throughout the term, so I’ll start looking over them and planning when to do each section. Breaks always seem to fade away into a blur, as the term lurks on. after spring break postI love the feeling of relaxation and not needing to do anything, but at the same time, I would be antsy and bored if my days were filled with lying around the house. There have been times when I sat and watched shows or did work ALL DAY, and I started going a bit crazy. Overall, I am glad to back in action and thrilled to see how this term goes! Full-time teaching, I’m coming for ya 🙂


Resting after the relief (65 out of 365) #blogaday #sol15

SOL day 14slice of life logo​I turned in my final paper for this term today! It can be tough, after completing everything, to let it sink in. It was surreal this morning when I woke up because I am not going home for a few days, so my brain still thought I must have things to do. I occupied my time by cleaning the house, organizing things, etc. I felt antsy when I just sitting there watching shows. After my last meeting, it was easier for me to relax. It is important to not overload yourself when you are finally on break because your body and mind really need to re-energize. I let myself go to bed early last night and am planning to be in bed around a similar time tonight. Especially with my family, it can be easy to get swept up with going out and watching movies or shows til all hours of the night – I want to spend as much time as I can with them because I know the two weeks will be flying by.  I look forward to starting my break and not overdoing it until I get used to staying up late again (probably a few nights off and then I can handle it!) My parents, pets, and possibly sister await in one more day 🙂

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