Juggling the journaling (227 out of 365) #blogaday

During this teaching journey, I decided to start a journal a few weeks ago – I posted the poem that was similar to “Twas the night before Christmas” about my training. I thought I would be writing ideas down daily or weekly, but I think the process is going well so I haven’t needed to reflect. Also, blogging is basically the same thing, which means by the time I go to bed to journal, it doesn’t happen. I’ll try to keep it up more once back-to-school starts because I’ll probably need to reflect on behavior management again and how to handle the students who came from Preschool.


Cyber students (101 out of 365) #blogaday

I think it is very interesting to allow your students to have a class blog. During the slice of life challenge, there were class blogs participating. It can help students become tech-savvy, but at the same time, I’m not sure many parents would want their children putting public information online. I know that blogging is different than having a Facebook or other social media, but it is still the Internet and it could be too much for young children.

Nerdy Book Club

Student blogging is a growing practice within the classroom. With district & parent permission and the right privacy settings in place, this is an excellent format for students to express their ideas to an authentic audience. Blogging incorporates the use of technology and writing, helping to bridge the gap between student interest and classroom assignments. This allows students to make the connection that writing isn’t just the assignments that are given in an English class–writing is what they are doing every time they post a tweet or status update. Improving writing means improving their ability to communicate ideas effectively in all settings.

Whether you’re using student blogs for authentic writing purposes of as a means of formative assessment, the following prompts can be assigned or made available for students to select for more self-directed blogging.

Students should know how to properly review a book before they start blogging. With any…

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Blogging is beneficial – what a bonus! (2 out of 365) #blogaday

I am very excited that I started a blog because it was always something that I wanted to do! Even when I was younger, I created a website on Publisher and loved the designing aspects as well as writing about different ideas 🙂

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It turns out that posting about my graduate school experiences is also a very helpful way to de-stress, think things through, and focus on one “event” that is happening at a time. Classes and the assignments can be forgotten as I bring up the small spark in the days by breaking it down into paragraphs. Even if my posts begin with anxiety over lesson plans or part-time teaching, they are more about the intense speed of this master’s program rather than disliking the workload or my classes. And they always end with a realization that I LOVE the program and know that I am on the right career path!

I used to journal quite a bit when I was a child, but I always forgot to write for the week (and then tried to summarize), or got bored because I didn’t think my life was very interesting. Putting the effort to write in a more exciting way helps me dismiss the worries of school and what’s to come. It may sound odd because I am writing about school and the future, but blogging is an outlet that makes it more carefree. I don’t have to focus on length or formatting for my posts, like I would with  papers; I can also add fun pictures and parts of myself (like the poem  from a few posts ago). The writing class last term definitely brought back my creative side, which I was upset that I had lost with the intensity of my schooling. I have all my old childhood stories, poems, plays, etc on my computer still and I look at them from time to time to reminisce over the imaginative things I used to come up with.  I wanted to post another poem/story from writing class – this one has more emotion and myself with it (it is a document file when you click the link-> I remember…).