Demonstrating great dreams (150 out of 365) #blogaday


At a fun restaurant I went to today, there was a pianist playing for ambiance. He was brought up with someone, and I realized he was blind. He played excellently and had fun with it! It really showed me that you can still follow your dreams or passion, and a disability doesn’t have to hinder that 🙂 I have never looked down on people with disabilities, but I still tend to be surprised when someone who is handicapped has a wonderful skill (like playing piano). I would have been as excited with the songs, if the person wasn’t blind – it is a slight bias that I should try and get rid of.


Bias bind (58 out of 365) #blogaday #sol15

SOL day 7slice of life logoSituation:  ​I work at a children’s center and the group went to play sports ​​​​​this week with the college club sports members. During the volleyball portion, one of the balls rolled into a corner and a boy went to get it. He called me over to help because there was a big bug next to the ball.sssd bug postI was shocked ​by his reaction because he seemed like someone who wouldn’t mind about bugs. I realized afterwards that I had gender stereotyped him – I assumed that because he acted tougher and played rough games that he would be fine with insects. This has been something that my graduate program focuses on because they want us to be aware of our cultural biases. I am trying very hard not to make assumptions, but in our society, it is difficult. I am glad that it came to my attention though with this particular scenario. As a teacher, it is important to keep all your students equal in your mind and not have stereotypes towards them.