Back on track!

Hello blogging world 🙂

It’s been a while since I posted on here (January to be exact) – I have done some blogging on one of my other sites for a bit, but want to update and post some pictures from my Discovery Preschool class. I will be leaving in August to finish up my teaching license then on to substitute teaching, and hopefully, a full-time elementary job!

I have loved my experiences at Kindercare and will miss all the kiddos and my teacher friends dearly – which is why I must document my last month through postings and pictures! I’ll start doing every day blurbs on Monday 😀  I also want to steal “my week in pictures” from Craft Mummy


Welcoming website! (222 out of 365) #blogaday

I started working on my classroom’s website, and will be continuing on the weekend to get it ready for school on August 31! The title is called Pre-K playpen – I am very excited to set it up, and give the link to families to keep them up-to-date on what we are doing each week. It is crazy that I am making my class site!! My job is really coming together, and it is a nice transition with the fewer students in the summer at the moment. We will have a sturdy 15 every other day, and 12 children the other days. I’m looking forward to it 🙂