Rain drops keep falling on my head 

It was odd not putting #blogaday and the number of posts! 

I came up with a fun activity for the weather unit, and it turned out so well:) We made rain with beads and glitter glue – I put them on the wall today after drying, and only a few beads fell off! 

There are some changes arriving soon with management and my classroom, but I really feel like things are coming together.

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Actually artistic? (299 out of 365) #blogaday

I knew I was creative and had some electronic art skills like with Publisher and my blogs, but I had never really thought of myself as artistic – I can’t draw to save my life 😮 After coming up with many ideas for the Pre-K students to do as well as replicating some I found online, I have started to rethink my art skills. I still know I am not going into the art business anytime soon, but at least my creativity is growing a bit. art post2

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Messy no more! (193 out of 365) #blogaday

It can be hard to incorporate art into a young classroom because the children usually get sloppy. I remember when we painted flowers for Spring in the Kinder class – and the amount of cleanup (there wasn’t any on the floor, but the cups and paintbrushes and smocks!) I received a Buddha Board for my birthday, and it is going to transform the way I think about art. It uses water on a canvas so the students don’t even need paint 😮 The image created evaporates as well, which will allow students to take turns – I plan to take pictures of the artwork to show the families what their children have been working on.


Earth Day excitement (107 out of 365) #blogaday

Earth Day is a very important thing to celebrate, and let children in on. My school acknowledged it a little bit, but we didn’t do any special projects or explain it to the class. I really like these ideas for books and art! It is important to mention the holidays you are allowed to during school, so children become aware of the various activities going on around them each month.

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earth_animated-gif-spinningWe had a very important day this week – Earth Day.  On Wednesday of this week, we talked about the importance of celebrating our planet and conserving natural resources. In addition to this work, we learned more about animals, began a new chapter book, continued organizing and representing data during math and danced our hearts out during ACES Day.  Thanks for visiting our blog this week!

  • Conversation Starters
  • New Chapter Book
  • Earth Day
  • Science – Animals
  • ACES Day
  • A Smile for You

Conversation Starters:

  • Your class read a book called Those Shoes this week.  What did the main character do to help another boy in the story?  What are some things the author did that you found interesting as a reader?
  • When representing data on a chart with sticky notes, what is important to remember to show the data accurately as a mathematiican.  Can the notes overlap?  Can there be spaces in…

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Monster bookmark mania (51 out of 365) #blogaday

Back when I was a camp counselor a few years ago, I made lots of fun crafts with the children that my fellow counselors taught me. One of them was the Monster Bookmark – it was really fun to teach kids how to fold it up and allow them to be creative with the eyes and teeth. I rediscovered these on Pinterest and reminisced about the fun times at camp 🙂monster bookmarks post2I thought it could also work as a fun craft at the beginning of the year to encourage my students to see the fun in reading. The “monsters” mouths are biting the page that you left off at so it should be exciting to keep reading and see what page he can eat next! The bookmarks could also be related to math since the students have to fold the pages into various shapes (triangles, squares, diamonds). Art should always be incorporated anywhere it can be because it isn’t a subject in many schools nowadays. monster bookmarks post