Cranium was cramped with clutter (331 out of 365) #blogaday

I feel at ease and like I can focus more on teaching, now that my cough and pink eye are gone AND unpacking is done! There was just so much going on in my brain when I would go to sleep that it was tough to calm down and rest. I am still pretty amped up but at least it is just excitement and not stress/anxiety – I really feel like the apartment and my roommate are going to be a good fit!

I’ve been bad about actually doing posts on the day they are meant for this month! I did two today because I was so focused on unpacking and then just crashed


A part of my apartment (324 out of 365) #blogaday

Moving day is done! It wasn’t too bad – took a few hours to fill up the truck and got help on the other end with speedy mover men 🙂 the place looks very nice and I look forward to unpacking and setting up some more. Bringing over Patches tomorrow as well so hope he likes his new home!


Tantalizing Target (276 out of 365) #blogaday

I went to Target tonight and that store is always testing my wallet resistance! There are so many things I could buy 🙂 If I had an unlimited budget, my house and closet would be full of the merchandise from there. I have gone with friends and simply walked around the store, taking note of the many things that I love. My future apartments and homes are definitely going to be full of decor and knickknacks from Target (and stores like it).


Igniting with IKEA (70 out of 365) #blogaday #sol15

SOL day 19slice of life logo

Over the break, we have had some fun trips out – one of them was with my mom to IKEA. It is a very cool place! They have tons of things for your house (bedrooms, offices, kitchen, living room; basically all rooms and nooks) Since my parents were still filling their new house, they went to IKEA a few times and wanted to show me all that it offers. We were simply browsing around, so I could get ideas for my future apartment once I get a teaching job. Wherever I end up will require a small space to call my own, so it is beneficial to start looking and seeing ideas. It was very relaxing to take pictures of the styles and equipment that I liked the look of 🙂 Thinking ahead in small steps can be calming because it helps you focus on one thing in the future, and organizing my new place is exciting!IKEA postSince there are quite a few things to setup after next term (hoping that a job will happen!), I thought I would make a list of what I want in my apartment to get a little head start. I already have quite a big list for my classroom, so my apartment is the next logical step. It is helpful to slowly plan because I don’t want to be stressed by it later. With all that goes into graduate school, I like to take advantage of breaks for relaxing of course, but also strategizing for the future. IKEA post2