Shining with Shutterfly (248 out of 365) #blogaday


Another teacher did photo books for the end of the year, with students writing poems, and I think the books are something I really want to do! It is a great keepsake for the teacher and students 🙂 This one is better because it is actually useful throughout the school year by including the alphabet – you could do these with numbers as well and have the students take pictures using the correct number of students.

I posted TWICE today due to missing the 14th – my timing just isn’t very good here! I leave tomorrow, so will be back to actually posting once daily.


Coloring in crowns (235 out of 365) #blogaday

This seems like a pretty good idea! It gives the children words to connect with the letters, and they get to wear the letter as a crown if they want to. I’m sure the parents will appreciate having their children working more on letter sounds and words that start with each letter – worksheets are effective ways to have the students practice and also have fun with coloring!crowns


Animal alphabet (228 out of 365) #blogaday

I’m bringing back the animal alphabet post because it will be used this week at work! We currently have an alphabet letters unit, which entails discovery and exploration of sounds and the letters. I thought the students should color in the templates that I draw out, rather than having them draw the animal characteristics on the letters – I was unsure this morning how I was going to give them the activity, but as I started drawing them, I realized that it was hard to ask the students to do. These will be going on the wall to display for parents in my classroom so I also want them to look presentable. The pictures below, D for dinosaur and B for bee, are some of the letters I will be using in the template (I drew them! 😮 ) animal alphabet (1) animal alphabet (2)


Labeling letters (162 out of 365) #blogaday

I saw a craft like this around the day school I went to today. I wonder if they found it on Pinterest! It is a great way to help the children remember what the letters look like, and what they say – having an image to pair with it is similar to a mnemonic device. It also shows the fun side of the alphabet because the children are actually making the letter into an animal or a different shape. labeling letters