Lean on the ones you love (16 out of 365) #blogaday

​I am visiting my parents this weekend, so I thought I would write about the importance of using the ones you care about as de-stressers. Something about being at home just puts my mind at ease – it may be the fact that I have to drive a bit to get there so it feels like a mini vacation, or that I try to complete my work before the trip so I can have a full weekend of relaxation. Family or friends are great resources to help you forget about real life because you can engage in activities that don’t involve homework. My family is big into watching movies and going on adventures outside. Since they just recently moved here, they are still finding fun places to go and enjoy showing me the new things they have found.

With all the work that is coming ahead in my graduate program, it is very beneficial to have time where you can catch up on life and talk about the exciting things that happened during the week. You should have friends that you can vent to, but it is also very important to have friends or family members who you speak to about the fun parts of life and what you look forward to. I have already talked to my mother about where I want to eventually work, and the plans that must be made before I can do that which is a very exciting matter 🙂 This weekend will be a much needed time of rest. Try to mark similar time in you calendars, so you make sure to take a breather when you can!

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