Fun music campaign! Share your favorite songs #MusicManiaNow

I love music! DON’T YOU? It is an important mood changer, motivator, inspiration, and part of life. Without music, my world would be very quiet…I listen to records, shuffle songs, or music podcasts at some point during every day. Even at work, I need some background music to inspire the children to write creatively or […]

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What about weather? (363 out of 365) #blogaday

This month’s unit is Sky and Weather, which at first, I thought was difficult to find activities because I was focusing on the sky and not the weather – today during naptime, I started thinking of fun ideas related to weather (like making wind chimes, rain with beads, and rainmakers). I’m excited to have the children create these!


Research and reading (347 out of 365) #blogaday

This is what I want my future class to be like! Giving homework that encourages fun research and finding things that the whole class can enjoy and learn from – I like that this turned out to be holiday theme as well because it showed more about the children in the classroom.

Teaching the Teacher

I’m not a huge fan of homework. It takes away from time children could be spending with their friends and families as well as time to get bored.

However, I’m required to set it.

So rather than give the children a ‘task’ to do every week, there’s a simple statement which the children will then research as much or as little as they want.

My favourite home learning tasks are the ones where I can see the child interacting with their families, a walk in the park or cooking dinner together.

I give the children an empty sheet to fill. However, my class is beginning to experiment with digital units.

As part of our last unit into fashion choices the statement was ‘Santa’s outfit needs an update…’

This one is one of my favourites

I love that this child

  • thought through some of environmental factors –  the outfit  waterproof and…

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Sometimes the brightest smiles cover the darkest realities

This is a very calming post – I love that children can find the happiness in their every day lives! (even if their circumstances are pretty rough)

Teaching the Teacher

You know the kid.

The one who greats you every day with a big smile.

The one who never complains.

The one who looks for good in every situation.

Yet you know the child’s background, you watch and listen,  not knowing what tomorrow may bring.

You might not have the solutions, but a an ear for those in need.

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