Definitely decent day (343 out of 365) #blogaday

The holidays just make things better! Today was such a great day at work 🙂 many children were wearing ugly sweaters and I made a train that got decorated in tissue paper, and then there was a good turnout for the spaghetti dinner – I think I’m also excited that it is almost Christmas!


Twenty-five typings to go (341 out of 365) #blogaday

I can’t believe I only have 25 more posts to go! It is getting difficult to come up with things and remember to write every day, but its only until January 8th – its crazy how much has happened in my year of blogging and I’ll definitely do some long reflections as the time gets to closer to ending the challenge 😮


Frolicking with family (337 out of 365)

This weekend has started Christmas festivities for my family and boyfriend – we decorated the tree with lots of holiday music on, and then went to the zoo lights which was very relaxing and fun! Today we are seeing A Christmas Story on the big screen in one of the local theaters. I like starting a couple weeks before Christmas because it gets me in the mindset of celebrating 🙂

Sorry I missed doing a post on Saturday!


Junky for journaling (333 out of 365) #blogaday

Today I had a great journaling session! I wrote for like over an hour 😮 just getting out anything that came to mind. It was really nice – nothing that I had to complain about “secretly to my diary”, but a genuine writing to write time. I enjoyed it a lot and want to bring it to my weekly tasks. I used to write in some way a lot when I was younger and even though I’m still writing with my blog, it isn’t the same as just jotting all your ideas and jumping back and forth with your mind!


Hunting for the holiday gifts (332 out of 365) #blogaday

Last night I did some online shopping for Christmas – it is tough to make choices for loved ones because you want it to be perfect! Sometimes I wish that there was only one type/brand so that I wouldn’t have to narrow down the choices to the one that fits my family best. But that’s all part of the fun to make sure people don’t know what gift they are getting 🙂


Cranium was cramped with clutter (331 out of 365) #blogaday

I feel at ease and like I can focus more on teaching, now that my cough and pink eye are gone AND unpacking is done! There was just so much going on in my brain when I would go to sleep that it was tough to calm down and rest. I am still pretty amped up but at least it is just excitement and not stress/anxiety – I really feel like the apartment and my roommate are going to be a good fit!

I’ve been bad about actually doing posts on the day they are meant for this month! I did two today because I was so focused on unpacking and then just crashed


Decorating disease (330 out of 365) #blogaday

Now that I’m all unpacked 🙂 I have started hanging stuff up on the walls and its addicting! I love finding cool ways to make a space look better – I can only do so much because I asked for some more wall decor for the holidays. But I will be ready to go when I get the gifts 😮

The picture below is my proudest wall display so far – I used some old concert shirts that I don’t wear anymore and hung them in a fun way along the walls!