Talented Teacher Time (315 out of 365) #blogaday

This teacher is doing so much in her classroom! Way to go 🙂 I really want to strive to be THIS successful when I get my license and become an elementary teacher. I love this iPad work and shape activities as well – the students are really getting to explore the shapes and question each other with the headbands. Well done “im4students!”

im 4 students

run-turkey-timeWe did A LOT of learning on our iPads this week.  We created Keynote presentations about shapes,  we learned how to read eBooks on our iPads and discovered how to access a new app we will begin using in our classroom called eBackpack.  See?  We did a lot of good learning on our iPads!  But . . . that’s not where the learning stopped.  We also played a shape game, listened to an author read aloud to us, and continued to write our teaching books.  Continue to read below to see us in action!  Also, be sure to read about our upcoming ABC123 Night – you don’t want to miss it!  Thanks for visiting our blog!

  • Conversation Starters
  • Math Work – Shape Presentations, Games and a Snack
  • iPad Learning
  • Visiting Kirkwood Author
  • ABC123 Night!
  • REPEAT – Kirkwood Public Library:
  • A Smile for You!

Conversation Starters:

  • This week, you heard another book that has been…

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