Hogwarts in the [school]House (303 out of 365) #blogaday


This article makes some interesting points! As a teacher, I never really thought about looking for an ideal school to base my classroom off of – I just try to make it as engaging as possible and follow the guidelines that I believe in. However, after reading this, Hogwarts could definitely be analyzed as a “great” school. The students have mentors right away, are encouraged to be creative and think critically, learn through experience, mingle with the older students, and are not put down for speaking their minds. hogwarts psotIt would be a wonderful place in some aspects, but of course, we know that there are downsides (not only the constant attack of villains). I don’t like that the children can’t have a say in the house they are categorized in by the sorting hat. Isn’t it somewhat stereotyping kids? What if the hat “feels” like they would fit in a certain house, and then it turns out they were just having an off day? Anyway, no school would have every aspect that Hogwarts does, and the ones that were listed on the link are the best.


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