“WARM” and fuzzy (183 out of 365) #blogaday

I love this! WARM is such a great way to setup the dialogue – it breaks down the juice of the conflict (What happened, Affected, Repair, Move forward). I want to use this with my pre-K students because they need more language to talk about what is bothering them – having questions that you are going to ask them to calm them down and give them a focus seems like a great idea. Eventually, they can start helping each other with issues (in older grades that use this).

Teaching the Teacher

For the last four years I have taught at schools who have approached behaviour from a restorative process. The focus of our roles as teachers isn’t to punish wrong deeds but get children to understand the harm their actions have caused and work towards ‘putting things right.’

The process can be broken down into four parts with a handy acronym – WARM.

What happened – giving everyone in a situation a chance to be heard.

Affected – who has been affected? How have they been affected?

Repair – what actions need to happen to repair the damage?

Move forward – what needs to happen so that this situation doesn’t happen?

I often have a series of question starters with me when I am faced with difficult situations or find myself losing patience with a situation.

One week I spent an inordinate amount of time sorting out low-level…

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