Puppies being people (168 out of 365) #blogaday

This book looks like something I would have loved reading when I was younger! I still enjoy books with dog narratives because it gives you a chance to imagine what they think. Having personified characters really draws kids into the content.

Nerdy Book Club

As a child I have vivid memories of sitting at the dinner table, looking at my brother and sister sitting on either side of me and wondering, “How could we three have the same parents, live within the same four walls yet be so different? Maybe they were adopted at birth.” Gaston, written by Kelly DiPucchio, explores the themes of family differences, love and acceptance.

I first met Gaston and author Kelly DiPucchio for that matter at the Michigan Reading Association Annual Conference in March. I attended a session with Donalyn Miller, the Book Whisperer. She whispered, “Gaston.” I raced to the conference book sale and nabbed one of the last copies. I struck up a conversation with a woman who gave me cuts in line. “What are you buying?” she asked. I read the titles of the books in my folded arms and then added proudly…

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