Playing at the playa with the pup (159 out of 365) #blogaday

Today my family and I went to the coast. It was very nice! We brought our dog, Bear, and it was ALL of our first times at this coastal town. Seeing Bear discover the ocean, sand, and smells of the beach was sweet 🙂 He was like a baby, trying to get closer to the water each time (with our help, of course!) There was a lot of nervousness in him at the beginning because it was somewhere he had never been – with overwhelming sensory moments. He became more and more comfortable with the location and other dogs that he wanted to go towards the water as well as run up and down the coast.bear at beachIt connected with teaching for me because I want to show children things they haven’t experienced before in science, math, reading, or anything in life. It is all about discovery and learning from the errors. You know you are in the zone for teaching employment when you tie things from your everyday life with what you could do in the classroom – have a big interview tomorrow 😮 Hope it goes well!

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