Book about the brave (125 out of 365) #blogaday

Books like this can be very fun for children to see fears that they feel portrayed by animals. Young children need to see actions of overcoming fears, so they know that it is possible for them. Fears are also difficult for many children to discuss because they don’t want to seem vulnerable among their friends – their fears may seem silly to classmates as well. This book looks very cute and inspiring 🙂

The Picture Book Review

Daredevil Duck desperately wants to be brave, but holy moley can it be hard!  Some things are too dark, too fluttery, too wet, and too high — and those things can really make it hard for a little duck to be brave.

To make things harder, there is the loud, obnoxious gang waiting on the sidelines to taunt and tease him — and dub him “Scaredy Duck”.  They’re not helpful, but fortunately not particularly harmful — and Daredevil Duck shakes off their taunts.

One day, while Daredevil Duck is dreaming about being brave and floating down an awesome inner tube, a friendly mole pops out and surprises him.  Poor Daredevil Duck! This unexpected encounter jostled him so badly that he grabs his tricycle and peddles as fast as he can through the dark woods, fluttery leaves, deep puddles, and over the high, high hills and is so befuddled that he lands…

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