Underestimating my unique situation (119 out of 365) #blogaday

After my day of relaxing and reflecting yesterday with my parents, I had a pretty successful and calm day full-time teaching. I was upset at first by my situation of needing more practice in the Fall term, but I think it is settling in as a good thing. It will be more difficult once jobs that I have applied to respond, and I have to let them know what is going on – BUT for right now, I can see the benefits of not having as much pressure on being ready to teach by the end of this term. I think most of my stress was from feeling overwhelmed because I was struggling and didn’t believe that the end of the term would finish smoothly. I am happy to just coast with my teaching for the rest of this term, and feel more successful with the little things. My CT told me today that she can tell I have de-stressed and the classroom environment is calmer. This should make the necessary difference for my teaching career. acceptance post


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