Learning from the lapse in teaching (103 out of 365) #blogaday

I took my advice from yesterday, and am thinking about the problems as ways to learn. Today was a management challenge in the afternoon – but I tried various techniques and didn’t give up. I broke down at recess once the students were outside the room, but my CT was very helpful with giving me more ideas and strategies for handling the students. I didn’t even think that I needed to explain to the children what I expect from them :o! It was obvious after she mentioned it that they won’t necessarily follow the normal rules with me. They want to see if they “need” to pay attention and what I will to do when they push the rules. After writing out my goal of letting each day go before I come home, it helped me actually do that. Today, I was looking towards growing and what I would do next time I teach the students. Sometimes, just writing out your goals helps you think about them and stick to it! It works for children as well – there are always the rules for how to act and reminders for certain students’ behavior goals for the day.  strength post2

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