Trying out teaching (85 out of 365) #blogaday

Yesterday and today, my CT and I decided that I should slowly start taking over certain parts of the day. I led the calendar portion, letters/sounds, word segmentation, and a “can,have, are” chart. Yesterday, I forgot some steps in the calendar including the adding on game and representation the date with cubes. But today went much better! I had more confidence, the students were very focused, and I prompted the helper of the day with what to do next. The teacher even left the room, and I was so focused that I didn’t notice and neither did the students 🙂

It is exciting to improve with my teaching, and it shows me that I will keep getting better as this term goes on! The Kinders are very adorable and I love seeing them make connections and solve problems. They inspire me to keep working at it, and that teaching really is about the children. I love my job already and I am not even doing yet ha 😀  first days leadng

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