Adopting a plan for applications (75 out of 365) #blogaday #sol15

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It can be a bit stressful applying for jobs because there are so many little things to fill out for each job. ​They remind me of college applications all over again, which is very tedious! They all ask the same questions about your background, experiences, schooling, etc. I just have to sit down and get them done, but it is difficult to be motivated since I am on break and a bit burned out. There is a job fair coming up, and I was struggling to get things ready for it. This second week of my break, which is actual Spring Break, I plan to complete some applications and ask for references. It will help calm down all the work that has to go into them, and I won’t need to worry once school starts next week.

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It is important to remember that bigger tasks can always be broken down into smaller steps. I am glad that it came to my attention (with the help of my mother). I had started the first few pages of most of the applications I had saved, but now I can finish them!

8 thoughts on “Adopting a plan for applications (75 out of 365) #blogaday #sol15

  1. I’m in the middle of report cards- I’m glad I read your post. I need to break them down into more manageable parts, instead of hopping around inefficiently!
    Good luck with your job hunt. Remember to hand deliver them and make good eye contact, smile and greet the office staff! This helped me land two of my teaching jobs!

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  2. Good advice for many tasks! Job fairs are nerve wracking, but they definitely help you get the first few interviews out of the way so you can work out the kinks and the nerves. Or maybe get a job with your first interview! Good luck with the applications.

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  3. Good luck. I am trying to move back to middle school after a 10-year foray into elementary. The last time I applied for jobs it was all on paper! Be sure to mention that you are a Slicer and what that means. The fact that I am impresses my principal.

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  4. My tip: Write your essay-type questions in a Word doc or a Google doc. That way you can think and edit them and there’s no worry of your writing getting lost. Also, because so many districts ask similar questions, you don’t have to start from scratch each time. You can tailor your response to a specific district without reinventing the wheel.

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