Whole class has worth (52 out of 365) #blogaday #sol15

For some reason, it won’t let me re-blog this post so I am just putting a link below. I really liked this post because it is important for teachers to hold high expectations for all their students. Many children go through their days in the shadows and feeling like no one cares for them. Teachers can make a difference in this! Children need someone to really listen to them, support them, and give them hope in a positive future – I want to be the kind of teacher who can be there. It will be difficult, but I shall try my best and work at it every day to build community and get to know my students.



6 thoughts on “Whole class has worth (52 out of 365) #blogaday #sol15

  1. I looked at the picture/quote-so true. I’ve written about those who remain in the shadows, doing pretty well, but don’t get noticed as much as they should. Welcome to slicing and best wishes for the month!

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    • Sometimes kids seek negative attention because that’s the only attention they ever get. Though it can be hard and frustrating, getting to know the reasons for acting out is worth the effort, and is usually just the first step in building a positive, strong relationship. Welcome to #SOL15!

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      • I can tell you already have thought about this a good deal. The relationships you build with your students are just as important as anything else you do as a teacher. Knowing your students makes it possible for you to do so much more for them. They will remember the relationship you had with them most of all! It’s a smart thing to know before you’ve even gotten your first classroom! Good luck!

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  2. thank you all for the comments! I’m glad that this stuck out to you all as well – it is an issue that often gets lost with all the chaos of teaching and students can be stuck behind.


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