Searching for science (40 out of 365) #blogaday

It is now week 7 of 10 in the quarter, and it is definitely getting tough to have motivation for work. I really just want to relax and push everything off to the last minute (which is not like me at all!) Winter is also difficult for staying positive due to the weather, and slow pace of the classes. I thought I would write about having fun in learning with science to help lighten in the mood. Over this weekend, I was taken on an adventure to Newport – we went to the aquarium, lighthouse, and tidal cove. I had such a great time! It made me reflect on the importance of making science fun for students. There are field trip area pretty close by that can teach them the information in a much more engaging way.The lighthouse and cove had signs with interesting content and hands-on activities too. Aquariums have many different species that you can learn about, and there are placards that explain information about the habitat and other details. It can be hard to coordinate a trip that isn’t too far away, but you can find something to help entertain the students. fun science post2Science is a subject that is pretty new to me in the teaching world. I haven’t observed too much of it because many schools don’t setup a time block for science. The teachers incorporate it into writing or reading time, but there isn’t always a clear science connection. Having places to go or people to bring in from the neighborhood really helps keep students interested in science. It also shows them that science is all around them, but they just have to open their eyes wider and know what to look for. I hope to make teaching science fun for my future students!fun science post1

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