Wishful for the “bag of worries” (34 out of 365) #blogaday

I discovered this blog called http://rubberbootsandelfshoes.blogspot.ca/ and it has some really great ideas dealing with issues that students could be having. The class is Kindergarten so the teacher uses more activities that address feelings, respect, and other basic social skills. I really liked this one called The Bag of Worries (the description is attached for you to read). I would bring in a bag full of worries (creepy monster stickers, small stuffed monster toys, rocks with faces drawn on, etc) and discuss that we all have worries but we must figure out a way to brush them off and not let them get to us. I highlighted some sentences from the guidelines including “as they take out a worry monster, see if they want to give any of them a funny name/ personality /explanation of the worry,” and to focus on “different ways to take the POWER AND FEAR OUT of the worries.” These statements are crucial in letting the students see how they can change the way a worry affects them.bag of worries post1Having activities like this to pull from when classroom dynamics get tough is very useful! You won’t have to think of something on the spot and it can help lead a tricky conversation with younger students. I am very glad that I found this blog 🙂 You should check it out too. There will probably be several tools from it that I post about. I look forward to integrating all the different tools that I have in my “teacher grab bag” from classes, blogs, fellow grad students, and other teachers.


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