First day find (33 out of 365) #blogaday

I finally came up with a new name for the “self-care” page! 

I chose “Teaching Tools” because I have discovered many different blogs, ideas, activities, etc that would be great to share with other people.

Today’s post is about a first day of school activity. The image below is from Pinterest and I think this is a great way to start the year because the students are able to tell the teacher things that they would like help with. Usually, educators assume that they know their students before the children arrive in the classroom – this cannot be true because they all look and act differently based on the teacher and management style. I am very interested in morning meetings and want to let the students have as much involvement in what goes in the classroom as I can. This activity does that really well 🙂 first day tool postIt is important as an educator to understand your students’ personal lives. What better way to begin by asking them what they struggle with? Children want to feel welcome and cared for in the classroom, which may be their home away from home (it may even be safer than home). School should be a safe haven in case circumstances are very difficult for students. Teachers need to be the mentors and encourage ALL their students to be successful. The necessary thing to do after making this list is to follow-through with it. If students are not getting their needs met after explicitly telling you, the trust and comfort levels will be way down. I don’t want to forget this teaching tool and hope it will be useful in my future classroom.

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