Beaten down by bullies (31 out of 365) #blogaday

​After watching the Animated Shorts yesterday, I realized how moved I was by the one entitled “The Dam Keeper.” It was about this young pig who worked in the dam factory and his experiences at school. He was bullied all the time by other students, the bus driver, teachers, townspeople – basically everyone in the town thought he was strange for being the only pig who was always covered in soot. I won’t give away anymore of the film, just go see it 🙂 It was very powerful and I hope it wins!bullying postAs a future educator, it was very disheartening to see the adults teasing the pig and not teaching their children about accepting everyone. I really wanted to go inside the film and take care of him! Instead of simply letting this bullying happen, teachers should be there for the students and understand what is going on. The bullying programs in schools today have such an emphasis on telling an adult if something is wrong and discussing the bullying as a class. Many children learn that talking to someone about the bullying makes you a “tattle tale,” so they usually decide not to and hide inside themselves. It is very difficult to stop bullying when the adult that is meant to help actually gets you teased for being a “baby.” Bullying is such a powerful put-down for kids and it needs to stop – children who are bullies must be told that it is NOT ACCEPTABLE. I want to create a classroom space where the children won’t be bullied for telling me about their problems. I hope that if I share my past issues with bullying with them, it will make this a more approachable conversation.

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