A Variation on Valentine’s Day (30 out of 365) #blogaday

Many elementary schools around the area incorporate Valentine boxes into the classroom environment. The children decorate a cereal/shoe box and win prizes for “the most romantic,” “the most creative,” etc. The students in my winter practicum class are involved in this contest as well, and their boxes are all so inventive! For example, one is like a palm tree, one with a ring toss, one like a love boat, and one like a ladybug. Not all of the students have brought their boxes into the classroom yet, but I look forward to seeing what the rest come up with 🙂 I bought supplies for my box yesterday and I can’t wait to decorate it tomorrow. I’m making a dog Valentine box with floppy ears and a name tag saying “Miss Hannah.” I remember that we used to just have paper bags hanging off our desks to put our Valentine cards in. I think the fun boxes is a MUCH BETTER option. I really like that schools are encouraging the children to be creative and artsy with Valentine’s Day, rather than just stuffing all the cards in a bag without really thinking about them. The students in the fifth grade class are so proud of their boxes and enjoy seeing everyone’s ideas. I look forward to having my students make boxes around this time as well – even if the school I work at doesn’t have a competition, I still want to incorporate something fun that involves the students’ passion and creativity! It is important for children to show their artistic sides in a way that doesn’t directly relate to school content.

(DISCLAIMER: the boxes below are not from my class, just examples I liked online)

valentine box post1 valentine box post2


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