Passing down plans (25 out of 365) #blogaday

Since it’s already been four weeks in my field placement (halfway through the term!), I thought I would talk about how welcoming my CT has been 🙂 She is a very good mentor teacher because she makes sure I fully understand what she is doing with her assessments, activities, resources, etc. I previously discussed the poetry unit help of giving me my own Bare book and allowing me to take pictures of her sample, but there are many other things she has done for me. She has discussed how she has a Facebook classroom page to interact with her students’ families, and let me know about Google Classroom and its various capabilities. Google Classroom is a very helpful tool for teachers – it lets you create assessments, post links, save documents, and probably much more. The Facebook page for the students and families seems very effective because she posts their daily assignments and resources in an easy space. The fifth grade team teacher meetings have been very beneficial to see how teachers plan their weeks and record their assessments. We will be completing all these tasks as a real teacher, so it is interesting to see what it is like.

CT resources post CT resources post2

I am very grateful for my CT this term and the one last term. Just allowing us in their classroom shows that they are great teachers and are willing to help future teachers learn. I look forward to becoming a teacher myself and getting comfortable enough in my own style!

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