Germs be gone (24 out of 365) #blogaday

The science class this term is very informative with activities and ways to teach science to students. On Wednesday this week, the teacher had us all create discovery boxes, which have books and activities that help students discover a topic. After this experience, she gathered us all in the classroom and told us that we had been infected by a germ that was spreading in the building. She took a few of us at a time into the closet and checked us with a black light – my sleeves were covered in it :o! We all caught on that she must have sprayed something on one of the boxes or desks as we were wandering around. She explained after that the lotion/powder was called GloGerm (GEMS) and she uses it with criminology activities or teaching about cleanliness. It seemed like a very interesting scenario to do with students. With the young ones, she focused on “The Mystery of the Lost Teddy Bear” or a germ unit; and the upper elementary students would try to solve a murder in the parking lot. The gel or powder only appears with black light, so the students won’t know until after the experiment.

glogerm postThings like this help make learning engaging for students in a way that is much more interesting than a simple video. It gets them moving and wondering about different ways to tell who stole the bear for instance. I think I want to try and incorporate this into my own classroom. I will probably have a few class safari animals, like a tiger/lion/zebra, so it will focus on those rather than a teddy bear. I am very glad that the teacher for this class is showing us such exciting ways to teach science! I haven’t observed many science lessons and only know of experiments as a way to engage the students, so this course will be extremely beneficial to me.

glogerm post2


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