Inspiration about inclusion (21 out of 365) #blogaday

Inclusion is not simply about physical proximity. It is about intentionally planning for the success of all students.

This quote resonated with me when I read it a few days ago because it is really relevant to my future career in teaching. Simply teaching to everyone and placing them in standard rows, so they all can see equally, does not include the whole class. Each student is different and needs their accommodations to be successful in the classroom. What if a child that is placed in the front gets intimidated by that much attention but you don’t move him/her? This will affect how the student learns each day, and eventually he/she may give up or become frustrated. There is a variety of learning styles and levels in  every classroom. Teachers must get to know how each individual student learns and how to engage the whole class. inclusion postI have been taught multiple strategies for getting to know the students and including them effectively in the learning process. I hope to incorporate some in my every day style and am able to build a lasting community with each year of students! I have a plan to use morning meetings every day to help build that close bond between myself and the students as well as among the students themselves. It will take some time to get them speaking about personal issues, but there are a variety of  questions and ways to have students share on a more individual level (such as dialogue journals). These journals are ways for students to talk about issues or excitements with the teacher each afternoon, and I respond to each one with integrity so they know I truly care 🙂

Here is an interesting link about things to keep in mind when teaching with inclusion


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