Bountiful books! (12 out of 365) #blogaday

A few weekends ago, my parents moved into their new house 🙂 I was there over Christmas break and helped them sort boxes into rooms. I also wanted to unpack my room so I could sort through some things and remember what I had there, ha! I re-discovered my book collection and it inspired me to start thinking about which ones I would read to my future students. I am trying to keep a note in my head, so I can grab some every few times I visit and re-read them. In the writing class last term, the teacher also touched on the importance of reading with expression and having different voices for each character. I am pretty good at expressiveness because of drama in high school, but putting on a voice is something I need to work on. I always think about it as I see dialogue coming up – for some reason, my normal voice comes out before I had a chance to alter my tone. I want to read Terry Pratchett’s “Wee Free Men” series to my students because it is so full of imagination and adventure. Also, my dad read these books to me before bed when I was little so they have a place in my heart.

post about readingReading controversial books can be beneficial because it lets children know that the world isn’t full of happiness all the time and more dark genres could interest some of my students. I want to read a book about a dog and his owner, but the dog is part of a Pitbull fighting ring and it is pretty graphic. My instructors have said that if you get it approved by the principal and write a letter home to the parents, it should be okay to read in the classroom. It is a very good book! And has a great message about companionship and how relationships don’t always start easily. The chapters alternate from the person and the dog’s perspective so it would be great to teach children about how differing views affect situations. I’m looking forward to convincing my future principal and parents about this book, as well as re-reading some of my childhood books 🙂


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