Poetry perusing my personality (9 out of 365) #blogaday

Like I have said in an earlier post, my CT uses Lucy Calkin’s writing curriculum and poetry is a huge part of it. Her class uses these books called Bare Books to write their poems in – they have blank covers and pages that can be decorated. So far, they have written about four poems as well as a table of contents, cover, dear reader page, and dedication. I showed a great interest in her poetry unit and she had an extra Bare Book, so she suggested that I do the poems alongside the students to start creating my own book for when I teach! I am very grateful that she did that for me 🙂 She is a wonderful mentor because she always makes sure that I fully understand what she does (like with assessing, grading, or scheduling). She shows me the websites and explains the necessary guidelines. I have written three of the four poems in my book (I think they did the first one during last term) and am proud of their turnout! She encourages the students to color the  background after they outline the finished poem in pen, and I was surprised by how nice my drawings are. I don’t usually call myself very artistic, but I am gaining some confidence through this experience.

I am very glad that this winter placement is enriching my knowledge about poetry and how to be an effective teacher overall! Both of my field placement terms so far have been a success with the teacher I observe – they are great teachers who I learn(ed) from every day, and this master’s program is definitely beneficial and a great choice for me.



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