Next week news (7 out of 365) #blogaday

During our cohort meeting on Friday, we met with our supervisors and he started talking about coming to observe us next week – I was shocked that he wanted to see us so soon! We aren’t even part-time teaching until a few weeks after that…? Well, he is required to come see us four times this term, and was thinking about doing every other week (which meant that he would start pretty early). Mine is next Friday during math time. The students are working on fractions at the moment and I spoke to my teacher at the end of today about pulling some kids who are still struggling and working with them on the basics. I found an activity on Teacherspayteachers that involves students having a blank game board with which they color different numbers of squares with each color. They then have to decide what fraction of the 100 squares is red, green, blue, etc. I think it will really help the students understand how to reduce and be able to see the fractions in a more relatable space. Since they colored it themselves, it should click better than just looking at a written-out worksheet.

I can’t believe we are already being observed next week and having to part-time teach soon after that. It is scary because of the amount of work we have to put in on top of classes (lesson plans, assessments, finding fun materials that connect with the curriculum). I think I can handle the workload though. It is all about prioritizing and I am usually good at that, so it should be a bit less stressful. Hopefully, this experience is successful!


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