Shopping slows stress! (5 out of 365) #blogaday

This past weekend, my roommate and I went on a bit of a spree. Even though I am a poor college student without a job this term, I got some gift cards for Christmas and was determined to find professional clothes. I don’t wear them on a regular basis, so I want to stock up for teaching ūüôā I thought it would be¬† kinda stressful if I didn’t find anything, but actually, it relaxed me!¬†Splurging on yourself a little bit is a very nice way to reward all the hard work you do. ‚ÄčThere were so many options for blouses and cardigans/sweaters that I ended up with piles of stuff that I had to put back! After Christmas sales were still going on, so almost everything I bought was between $5-15 -> score! I discovered that one of my favorite stores (Rue21) has a wide selection of “teacher” outfits, which was a nice treat. I guess since I was never looking for professional attire, I didn’t realize the wide variety.


I also think it was a good de-stresser trip because I was helping myself get to my career goal as a teacher. Anything that relates to teaching is very thrilling to me now! I’m so glad that I can think of next year and getting a job through interviews (hopefully) in the Spring without having a slight panic attack :p I can imagine myself standing in front of students in the professional clothes I bought, and see the safari materials on walls inspiring the class. A big part of the year before you teach is being able to put yourself in a classroom in your mind to validate that this¬†really is what you dream!


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