Talented teacher in my time (3 out of 365) #blogaday

“If heartaches brought fame
In loves crazy game
I’d be a legend in my time

If they gave gold statuettes
For tears and regrets
I’d be a legend in my time

But they don’t give awards
And there’s no praise or fame
For a heart that’s been broken
Over love that’s in vain”

– A Legend in my time by Don Gibson

During the break, my dad was playing gentle music while we were eating dinner and this song came on. It was very beautiful with moving lyrics, and he explained that it was describing that if times were different, then the little things that people do and more professions would be viewed as legendary. I made sure to write down the song title because this song resonated with me – since I will be working in a profession that isn’t seen in the highest light, it is important for me to remember that everyone can be extraordinary in what they do. You don’t need to try to be special; if you are a giving person, someone will appreciate you and the actions you take 🙂

It is difficult to keep a positive mindset constantly when you give back to the community without gain. You should think about the gain that the people or animals you are helping have. I volunteer at a shelter in town and even though I don’t see many other people when I’m walking dogs or cuddling cats, I see how happy the animals are when they are able to get out of their cage and have some company. There are many people who do not get acknowledged for just being themselves. This song is really a motivator about being who you are and that in society today, people might not thank you or give you an award; BUT you should not lose sight of what matters most – keeping your morals and dreams alive! Every parent whose child I teach may not be verbally grateful, but I will notice the positive changes (hopefully) in their children and that will be my reward. Let your personality shine and your passions empower you to be the best you possible!

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