Blogging is beneficial – what a bonus! (2 out of 365) #blogaday

I am very excited that I started a blog because it was always something that I wanted to do! Even when I was younger, I created a website on Publisher and loved the designing aspects as well as writing about different ideas 🙂

website pic for blog

It turns out that posting about my graduate school experiences is also a very helpful way to de-stress, think things through, and focus on one “event” that is happening at a time. Classes and the assignments can be forgotten as I bring up the small spark in the days by breaking it down into paragraphs. Even if my posts begin with anxiety over lesson plans or part-time teaching, they are more about the intense speed of this master’s program rather than disliking the workload or my classes. And they always end with a realization that I LOVE the program and know that I am on the right career path!

I used to journal quite a bit when I was a child, but I always forgot to write for the week (and then tried to summarize), or got bored because I didn’t think my life was very interesting. Putting the effort to write in a more exciting way helps me dismiss the worries of school and what’s to come. It may sound odd because I am writing about school and the future, but blogging is an outlet that makes it more carefree. I don’t have to focus on length or formatting for my posts, like I would with  papers; I can also add fun pictures and parts of myself (like the poem  from a few posts ago). The writing class last term definitely brought back my creative side, which I was upset that I had lost with the intensity of my schooling. I have all my old childhood stories, poems, plays, etc on my computer still and I look at them from time to time to reminisce over the imaginative things I used to come up with.  I wanted to post another poem/story from writing class – this one has more emotion and myself with it (it is a document file when you click the link-> I remember…).


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