Finishing my field for fall

As the fall term is coming to an end, I am reminiscing on my time at Howard in the second grade class. The students and memories I have had since September really show me that teaching is the job for me 🙂 I was welcomed pretty quickly by the children and my cooperating teacher (CT), which helped me feel comfortable stepping in to help answer questions and assess students with reading. I love the connections that I have made with the children, and how excited they got when I showed up during the week! I will miss them and hopefully will be able to work with them again in the Spring.

This school is equipped with lots of technology from a grant they received, and it has changed my views on the downfalls of using technology in class – there were still times when the internet wouldn’t work correctly so the work on the Ipads took longer than anticipated, but the Smartboard and the apps the children are using really will help them in the future. They are were creating their own writing books, taking pictures of their work to show family, making 100s chart to reference on their own, and practicing spelling words. I originally wasn’t so sure about having technology in class because it could be distracting if it doesn’t work or could make the students feel like they can’t do work without it. However, the way that my CT has incorporated it showed me that it can be effective! She inspired me to get a tablet because it is easier to bring around and would help my future teaching career.

Here is an interesting TedTalk about technology in education:


We received our placements for Winter term, when we will be part-time teaching (which means we will co-teach for the first half of the term and then teach two subjects for the rest of the term). I was overwhelmed with all the assignments that we have to accomplish by the end of term, but meeting my supervisor and finding out that I will be in a fifth grade classroom at Ridgeview helped calm me down. I am ready to take on a grade that I have never experienced and work with the retired 30-year teacher!

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