Drafting lesson plans already?!

Today, I wrote my first lesson plan for my Reading course to teach in my fall placement. It really made me think about how close I am to actually being an elementary school teacher, which is pretty scary BUT exciting! I also started envisioning myself teaching a class, and altering things for my students. We will be teaching a full math lesson in a few weeks, which is a great way to end this term before we start part-time teaching in the Winter – 😮 I can’t believe we will be doing that so soon! For the writing class this term, we reminisced on our drafts and pieces that we wrote throughout the course. There was a part about creating goals for the next few years, and it made me excited to start teaching and implementing my teacher’s curriculum.

(I had requests to share some of my creative pieces on this blog as well – I wrote quite a few with the writing class and plan to continue writing. Below is one of the Self-Portrait poems I wrote)self-portrait poem

At the beginning of my Master’s, I was intimidated to start teaching my own class and overwhelmed with all the things to get done. But, since the setup is a gradual increase to actually teaching, it makes it an easier trip. I have also stepped in and led read-alouds, taught a mini math lesson, and hopefully will observe a science lesson. I am feeling more confident about my passion and experience for teaching youngsters in the future! Thanksgiving Break is right around the corner, and I can’t wait to have time with my family 🙂 This year is going to fly by, so I plan to document as much of it as I can!

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